In Person Outdoor Worship

Every Sunday at 10am!

Where will we worship?

We will be worshipping in the Ficus Grove on the Rowell St. side of the church. This location was chosen due to the mature and beautiful trees that will provide shade and coolness from the heat on Sunday mornings. Seating will be provided on benches and chairs but you are invited to bring your own chairs if you would prefer. The congregation seating area will be under the trees facing the street so that there is abundant accessible pavement for those who struggle to navigate uneven surfaces. Please park in the lot and make your way around to the worship space. You can also park on Rowell Street if you choose to remain in your car for worship. Communion will be brought to you.

What will worship look and sound like?

Worship will be familiar with an easy to sing setting of the liturgy called Now the Feast and Celebration. This setting can be led by piano, guitar, and other instruments. The choir will sing some Sundays and the band will also lead music on some Sundays. We are working on the details and ask that everyone enjoy the offerings and participate in the beauty of the worship! Each Sunday there will also be a couple of hymns that may be new or old favorites! Please keep an open mind and heart and offer your feedback after we have worshipped together for a few Sundays. Holy Communion will be offered each Sunday. We will continue to use prepared disposable small cups for wine and grape juice and use hosts (the small wafers) and a gluten free option. The passing of the peace will be at the end of worship and we ask that you continue to share some sign of peace without touching.

How do I access the live-stream ZOOM option?

There will be a live streaming offer if you prefer not to attend in-person, are not feeling well, or are not vaccinated. The worship bulletin will be distributed via email on Saturdays so that you may read along with the service from your home. Simply sign in to worship via Zoom using the regular worship link and you will be able to watch the service from your computer much like we do normally. Julie Castongia will be serving as our virtual usher and will greet you on zoom! Please be patient as there may be technical issues the first couple of Sundays as we work on the system. You should be able to hear the pastor clearly but the music may be less easy to hear due to being outside and difficulties capturing the full audio.